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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Trump, Biden get nasty in first presidential debate

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Trump, Biden get nasty in first presidential debate
President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held a fiery first presidential debate Tuesday night, sparring over everything from the Supreme Court nomination, coronavirus and Biden’s sons, with moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News admonishing Trump several times for interrupting and deploring both candidates to let the other speak.

The first of three scheduled showdowns between Trump, 74, and Biden, 77, devolved into attacks on Hunter Biden, smarts and schoolyard name-calling. As Trump went on offense, Biden tried to shut him down by calling the president a “clown” and a “liar.”

Wallace scolded Trump repeatedly for not following the debate rules by interrupting and the veteran newsman often played the role of a wrestling referee rather than a moderator.

“Gentlemen, I hate to raise my voice, but why shouldn’t I be different than the two of you?” Wallace said.
Trump came out swinging, but Biden held his own and didn’t fall into previous debate pitfalls where he cut his time short or stumbled to get out responses. The two men often talked over each other in a brawl that got unwieldy at times.

The president touted his record in the White House on boosting the economy and how he handled the pandemic, proclaiming: “There has never been an administration or president who has done more than I’ve done in a period of three and a half years, and that’s despite the impeachment hoax.”

But Biden said under Trump the country has become weaker, sicker, poorer and more violent. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.
In other developments:
– Laura Ingraham: ‘Raucous’ Trump-Biden debate shows traditional format ‘doesn’t work very well’
– CNN calls presidential debate a ‘s—show’ and a ‘disgrace,’ blames TrumpBiden pushes back against ties to Bernie Sanders during first debate: ‘I am the Democratic party’
– Debate goes off the rails as Trump interrupts, Biden bickers in shoutfest
– Rep. Eric Swalwell: Biden wins first debate, Trump is truth’s worst enemy
– Celebrities react to first presidential debate of 2020
– Trump targets Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings during heated debate clash
Sean Hannity: Biden was ‘flustered,’ ‘irritated’ and ‘cranky’ during first debate
President Trump “steamrolled” Joe Biden during the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity said during live coverage from Cleveland.

“The extremely weak, the frail, the confused, kind of angry Joe Biden just got steamrolled by President Trump,” said the “Hannity” host. “Joe flat-out refused to answer simple, basic, fundamental questions, unable to respond to the president’s beatdowns. He appeared flustered, irritated and, well, cranky.”

For example, Biden avoided answering whether he supports expanding the size of the Supreme Court. The host also pointed out numerous gaffes by the former vice president, including mixing up numbers and misinterpreting questions.

Hannity then charged that Biden has spent his nearly 47 years in public office “lining the pockets” of his own family.

“Despite denying it, he’s wrong,” Hannity said. “That includes zero-experience Hunter Biden. As we have learned this week … we have wire transfers, millions of dollars from Ukrainian, Russian oligarchs. Shopping sprees courtesy of China …  And of course the $1.5 billion deal with the Bank of China. But he denied it all.”

Hannity concluded by questioning if the media will ever fact-check Biden, and emphasized his nearly five decades in Washington with “nothing to show for it.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.
In other developments:
– Liz Peek: First presidential debate leaves no clear winner, Trump needs to do this at next face-off
– Dana Perino’s debate verdict: ‘Biden cleared the very low bar that had been set for him’
– Media call for upcoming debates to be ‘canceled,’ urge Biden to back out after first brawl with Trump
– MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Trump’s debate performance ‘felt like an assault’
Los Angeles police face ‘troubling’ spike in assaults against them, chief says
Assaults on Los Angeles police officers have skyrocketed this year, fueled by ongoing protests against alleged police misconduct, officials said Tuesday.

During a meeting with the city’s civilian-led Police Commission, Los Angeles police Chief Michel Moore said there were 282 felony assaults against his officers this year, compared with 110 in the same period last year, figures he called “troubling.”

The increase represents a 156% surge in a year when police departments are under increasing pressure to institute reforms. Most of the incidents occurred during protests against police brutality and racial injustice that swept the country over the summer, Moore said.
“I’m also calling out to our community leaders and elected officials to voice their support of our people, and that there’s not a tolerance for violence against police officers,” Moore said, according to City News Service. “I hear the need for many changes about our society, including policing, but these numbers are troubling, and these trends are serious.”

Assaults against LAPD officers basically remained unchanged from 2018 to 2019, Moore said, without citing figures.

He mentioned two incidents last weekend that included an attack on one officer inside the Harbor Station in the city’s San Pedro neighborhood. The 29-year-old suspect walked into the station, took the officer’s gun and pistol-whipped him, Moore said shortly after the incident.
Another off-duty officer, who was driving, was shot at by another motorist Saturday, the department said. The officer was not hit, but his car was damaged. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.
In other developments:
– Chicago violence: Girl, 5, stabbed to death in another bloody weekend
– Charlotte, N.C., officers linked to Black man’s in-custody death resign ahead of video release: reports
– Shooting breaks out at Amazon fulfillment center in Florida, killing 1
– Colombian woman missing 2 years found alive at sea: ‘God did not want me to die’
– Florida man seen firing gun through own windshield while driving: report
– 9 charged after McCloskey confrontation won’t be prosecuted
– U.S. military jet crashes after mid-air collision during refueling
– Helen Reddy, ‘I Am Woman’ singer, dead at 78
– Stock futures drop after Trump-Biden debate
– US House Judiciary antitrust report likely to come out as soon as next Monday: source
– Seven airlines close billions of dollars in loans with Treasury

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Laura Ingraham looked back on the first televised presidential debate in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy, speaking about the cordial way they treated each other.
“The Nixon-Kennedy debates were at a time when the differences between the parties were relatively mild. Johnson and Goldwater [in 1964] had heated differences, but they didn’t debate,” Ingraham said.

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