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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: 1:58 PM 10/4/2020 – Saved Stories – News Reviews: News’s YouTube Videos: Donald Trump: Coronavirus super spreader? | DW News

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1:58 PM 10/4/2020

Saved Stories – News Reviews 
News’s YouTube Videos: Donald Trump: Coronavirus super spreader? | DW News

From: News
Duration: 06:32

US President Donald Trump is being treated at Walter Reed military hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. Trump has long been dismissive of the coronavirus, and of the precautions his own experts have recommended. How has he reacted to the greatest public health challenge in decades? Are his political rallies “super-spreader events?”


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Politics and History’s YouTube Videos: US Election 2020: Can you trust the polls? – BBC News

From: Politics and History
Duration: 03:20

All eyes are on the US election and many people will look to the polls to see who’s likely to win. But polling companies suffered a shock in 2016 when they didn’t foresee Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton. Did the pollsters get it all wrong?

BBC Reality Check considers whether you can trust election polls to predict the next US president.

Motion Graphics by Jacqueline Galvin

Produced by Jake Horton and Soraya Auer

Narrated by Marianna Brady

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 Politics and History’s YouTube Videos

News’s YouTube Videos: Azerbaijan says Armenia attacked second city

From: News
Duration: 01:49

Azerbaijan and Armenia accused each other of targeting civilians in a sharp escalation of the fighting in the South Caucasus that broke out one week ago.


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 News’s YouTube Videos

The National Interest: F-35s For The UAE: Will Donald Trump Kill Israel’s Military Edge?

Kris Osborn

Security, Middle East

The United States is considering selling F-35s to the United Arab Emirates as part of a move to strengthen allied relationships more broadly throughout the Middle East, deter Iran and further fortify influence in the volatile region.

Here’s What You Need To Remember: The situation is obviously both sensitive and delicate, given the longstanding Arab-Israeli tensions in the region. Perhaps the existence of common enemies such as Iran might help unite or in some way place Israel and the UAE on common ground in a collaborative way.

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