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Looting ‘Will Get Progressively Worse’ Amid Hurricane Ian Chaos, Sheriff Warns

As parts of Florida face a long road to recovery following extraordinary damage caused by Hurricane Ian, some people have already been taking advantage of the situation and started looting amid the chaos.
William Snyder, the sheriff of Martin County, told TCPalm that he doesn’t expect looters to calm down, fearing the worst. He said looters already went on a spree of stealing and ransacking structures “very early” after the Category 4 storm made landfall in western Florida last week.
“It was very early and some of the looting was starting already, but it will get progressively worse, I think, as people become more desperate,” Snyder, who was dispatched as part of a 15-person rapid response team on Sept. 30 to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Charlotte County, told the publication….