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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Oct 16 2022

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Actor Mark Hamill, known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” franchise, discusses his conversation…
CNN 1h

A man and woman were shot, the man fatally, in a hallway at a building in South Chicago late Saturday…
WGN News 1h

Historian claims Solomon was not King of Israel, but an Egyptian Pharaoh  The Jerusalem Post
“israel” – Google News 1h

USA Radio News 1h

Russia-Ukraine news – live: Zelensky says ‘world is with us’ after Kyiv missile strikes  The Independent
“Zelensky and Putin” – Google News 1h

NATO And China Face-Off At Arctic Summit  gCaptain
“Nato” – Google News 1h

NATO and Russia to hold long planned exercises of nuclear forces as tensions over Ukraine remain high  KTVZ
“Nato” – Google News 1h

25-year-old gay Palestinian Ahmad Abu beheaded in West Bank, was living in hiding in Israel for past…
1. Gay News from Michael_Novakhov (29 sites) 1h

Iran plans to send Russia missiles for war in Ukraine  Middle East EyeThe post Iran plans to send Russia…
Russia News – 1h

This article links to a state controlled Russian media. Read more. …
Russia News – 1h

Trump’s mob attacked the Capitol, he waited for hours to call them off. It seems unfathomable that anyone…
Shared Links – The News And Times 1h

6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The videos were shot by Alexandra Pelosi, the Speaker’s documentary filmmaker…
Shared Links – The News And Times 1h

Ukraine Blasts Billionaire Musk’s Plan To End War For Rewarding Russia  Radio Free Europe / Radio LibertyThe…
Shared Links – The News And Times 1h

Putin knows his ‘initial goal of toppling the government in Kyiv is very unlikely’  ExpressThe post Putin…
Shared Links – The News And Times 1h

On October 16, 4 ships loaded with 140,000 tonnes of grain left Odesa and Pivdennyi ports. “Currently,…
Shared Links – The News And Times 1h

The broad the vast majority of the populace in Finland backs Ukraine in its fight versus the Russian…
Shared Links – The News And Times 1h

Russia military range shooting leaves 11 dead, 15 wounded  Tulsa World
“Tulsa shooting” – Google News 2h

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 14  Critical Threats Project
“intelligence assessments and analysis of the Russia – Ukraine War 2022” – Google News 2h

Macron hails ‘historic’ Israel-Lebanon sea border deal  Naharnet
“macron” – Google News 2h
lzsyGbUk_reasonably_small.jpg а>
Aaron Maté retweeted: No fucking way this is being trotted out again….
Aaron Maté (Twitter) 2h

Russia giving soldiers Viagra to rape Ukrainians, UN envoy says: Report  Hindustan Times
“Russia-Ukraine war” – Google News 2h

Biden hailed a prisoner swap with Maduro — but Americans remain in Venezuela’s notorious jail  Walla…
“Counterintelligence” – Google News 2h

80% of Finns support giving Ukraine heavier weapons  Ukrinform
“weapons for ukraine” – Google News 2h

White House Is ‘Deeply Disappointed’ That Abbas Told Putin He Doesn’t Trust US  The Media Line
“National security adviser Jake Sullivan” – Google News 2h

Ukraine Blasts Billionaire Musk’s Plan To End War For Rewarding Russia  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
“ukraine neutrality” – Google News 2h

Cuban missile crisis: The man who saw too much  Deseret News
“cia” – Google News 2h

The misconception about Putin’s big red nuclear button  The Spectator Australia
“Counterintelligence” – Google News 2h

In the last few weeks, there has been widespread speculation that Russian President Vladimir Putin might…
19FortyFive 2h

Scholz advocates for a future 36-member EU ‘of free and equal people’  Euronews
“Scholz, Macron, Putin” – Google News 2h

Germany and Poland spar over the Oder River  POLITICO Europe
“Germany” – Google News 2h

Opinion: America has opportunity to lead progress to just, free world  Citizen Times
“US Germany Relations” – Google News 2h

Russia: 11 Killed in ‘Terrorist’ Attack at Military Site  Asharq Al-awsat – English
“Germany AND Arab world” – Google News 2h

Analysis | A Decade of Illusions Over Putin That Led to War  The Washington Post
“Germany AND Syria” – Google News 2h

On the Ukraine War, Germany Has a Leadership Problem. Here’s Why.  Council on Foreign Relations
“US Germany Relations” – Google News 2h

Trump and FBI – News Review from Michael_Novakhov (10 sites) 2h

Former FBI agent Timothy Thibault has refused to cooperate with a … a political bias against former…
Trump and FBI – News Review from Michael_Novakhov (10 sites) 2h

Reactions to Xi’s speech opening China’s Communist Party Congress  Reuters “political criminology”…
FBI from Michael_Novakhov (35 sites) 2h

Putin Signs Documents Seizing Parts Of Ukraine As He Lashes Out At West  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
“Kremlin Papers” – Google News 2h

Trump Spent 91 Cents to Raise Each Dollar as Troubles Mounted  Yahoo Finance UK
“fbi problems” – Google News 2h

Russian Oligarch Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska and Associates Indicted for Sanctions Evasion and Obstruction…
“Counterintelligence Investigations” – Google News 2h

KHARKIV, Ukraine — An explosion caused the partial collapse of a bridge linking the Crimean Peninsula… 7h

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