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Ukraine’s frontier of hunger: 40% of those who live near the front lines do not have enough food

Two women returning home in Hnilitsia after collecting food rations on November 11.

His name was Oleksandr. He came from a neighboring town and became the transmission belt with the Russian occupiers in the village of Hnilitsia, in the Kharkiv region. This collaborator was trying to cajole local Ukrainian authorities into working with the invaders. The authorities of the village, half of whose population of around 1,000 has already fled, refused. Despite everything, there were no reprisals, as local officials themselves acknowledge.

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A group of people returning home to Hnilitsia after collecting food rations.Maria Fediuk, 79, after collecting food delivered by a humanitarian organization in Hnilitsia.Residents of Hnilitsia after collecting food rations delivered by a humanitarian organization.